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Alabama broadcaster Eli Gold discusses Crimson Tide’s hiring of D.J. Durkin

Alabama recently made headlines with a decision to hire fired Maryland coach D.J. Durkin as an analyst, especially since he left the Terrapins in the wake of a scandal that left a player dead.

Still, Nick Saban is going to do what he wants to do, and what he wants is to have Durkin helping out the Crimson Tide program.

On Friday, longtime Alabama play-by-play radio broadcaster Eli Gold joined SiriusXM and discussed what he thinks Durkin’s role will be, comparing him to current intern/analyst Butch Jones:

“I really don’t know in all detail, but I think one of the things that Butch did was self-scout Alabama,” Gold said. “He only had a limited amount (he could do), because he couldn’t necessarily do much with the players. You can’t coach them, you’re not wearing a headset, but we all know it’s important to self-scout yourself to make sure a fresh set of eyes is keeping a look on what you’re doing, whether you’re tipping something off, your own tendencies — this, that and the other. That would be something that an intern or an analyst or whatever term you want to use would be able to do. I’m sure there are things to be done.”

Will Durkin remain with the program? That remains to be seen, but for now, he’s in Tuscaloosa helping the Tide get ready for the Orange Bowl against Oklahoma.

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