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Alabama Crimson Tide bad for CFB is an old but often repeated claim

How long will we hear the Alabama Crimson Tide is bad for CFB? It is an old claim, voiced repeatedly in both mainstream and social media.

The Alabama Crimson Tide is bad for college football. Or so it is claimed, going back so long and so often repeated, it defies the odds of standard, national attention spans. Almost everything else debated across the nation has a shelf life of anywhere between minutes to a few days. A very few things linger in a national conversation for months. Outside of non-sports topics in the categories of politics, society and religion no other amount of national, collective angst last for years.

The claim the Alabama Crimson Tide is bad for college football is a rare exception. Fueled by apparent doses of jealousy and hate, it goes on and on and on. Alabama fans are so accustomed to the claim, it has been turned into a badge of honor. We love living inside the heads of every other college football fanbase in the nation.

All of this will change sometime in the future. When the Alabama Crimson Tide ceases to be widely acknowledged as a current CFB Dynasty, it will quickly fade away. Before that actually happens, many will prematurely announce the death of this Alabama Crimson Tide Dynasty. The Dynasty’s demise was incorrectly noted in 2010, 2013, 2014 and 2015. In the last of those four seasons, Alabama football won another national championship.

But now, regular as a Rolex, the claim surfaced again recently on ESPN. We don’t fault the World Wide Leader, it takes a ton of content to fill all those platforms. Tim Tebow joined the bandwagon saying Alabama football dominance is bad for CFB. In fairness to Tebow, he also mentioned his respect for Alabama greatness. When asked about continually picking the Crimson Tide to win a national championship, Tebow said,

When you look at it from top to bottom, you see those athletes, you see those coaches — how do you not predict Alabama?

Also if anyone is entitled to Alabama football fatigue, it is Tim Tebow. Most of the other nay-sayers about the Crimson Tide miss the respect part Tebow understands. They just hate the Tide and everything associated with it.

Going back to December 2011, when it became known the Crimson Tide and LSU would play a rematch for the national championship, the hate began. Sometimes in sports, teams are dominant for so long, the hatred never ends, even long after a Dynasty ends. The New York Yankees are the best example. It could be the same for the Alabama Crimson Tide, even in the eventual post-Saban era.

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So bring it on, the rest of the CFB world! Pile hate on top of hate! Honestly, most of us Alabama football fans don’t mind it a bit.

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