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Alabama has “taken the fun out” of CFB

It’s almost not even worth taking the time to watch Alabama on Saturdays anymore. If you turn the game on a little late, the game may already be over. The Crimson Tide take the wind out of the opposing team before they even take the field.

With Tua Tagovailoa, Alabama games have become a foregone conclusion. In recent years, the Alabama defense was dominant, but they only question was whether the offense could find a groove. That’s not a concern these days. A former rival coach said on Monday that it’s not even fun to watch Nick Saban’s team play anymore.

Former Auburn head coach Tommy Tuberville joined The Paul Finebaum Show on Monday afternoon and was asked to assess this edition of the Crimson Tide. In the most complimentary way, Tuberville stated that Saban has sucked the fun out of the sport this year.

“They’ve taken the fun out of it, Paul. Nick Saban has absolutely taken the fun out of it,” Tuberville said. “It’s not even fun to watch because you know they’re going to win. You just don’t know by how much. I thought Saturday would be his biggest test simply for the fact that LSU had some momentum. They beat the heck out of Georgia, and they had Alabama coming to their place. Everybody is saying that Alabama hasn’t played anybody as good as LSU. The one question mark I had was the defense. LSU is not great on offense. They’re struggling. They don’t have the athletes that they’ll have in a few years if they continue to recruit, but it was domination.”

While watching Alabama blowout LSU on Saturday night, Tuberville was reminded of another team that he coached earlier in his career. The Crimson Tide defensive line brought Tuberville back to the days when he was coaching the Miami Hurricanes under Jimmie Johnson.

“Their front four — it kind of reminded me of our front four at Miami years ago when I was working for Jimmie Johnson,” Tuberville said. “We never had to blitz. We never had to rush but four guys because nobody could block us. Nick’s got it the same way there now. They’re just rolling on defense, and you don’t even have to talk about the offense. He’s changed his philosophy with his quarterback, and they’re going to score in the 30’s at the least most of the time against most anybody they play.”

Tuberville doesn’t see things getting much more exciting the rest of the way, either. Outside of possibly Clemson, the former Auburn coach doubts that anyone will be able to hang with the Tide for four quarters.

“So it’s really become unfair. It’s taken all the fun out of November, and the championship game. I don’t see anybody, unless it’s going to be Clemson, that might have a decent chance to play them with four weeks off and have a chance to circle the wagons.”

It’s hard to argue with Tuberville after looking at Alabama’s 2018 schedule. Not team has come within 21 points of them all season. It’s hard to see that changing anytime before the SEC Championship Game against Georgia, and maybe it won’t even change then.

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