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Alabama’s Nick Saban stops in Columbus to honor high school players and coaches

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) –  Alabama head football Coach Nick Saban made a stop in Columbus on Thursday to deliver an inspiring speech at the 11th Annual Sports Visions High School Award Luncheon.  His audience was made up of the best high school football players and coaches in East Alabama and West Georgia.

The Crimson Tide coach used personal stories and humor to deliver a powerful message regarding what it takes to be successful in sports and more importantly in life.

“I’d also like to the thank the coaches for all you do to help these kids have a successful life from all they will learn from you and your dedication. I had great parents and the person who influenced me the most in my life,  as much as anybody, was my high school coach. I certainly appreciate that a lot of the values regarding work ethic,  persevering over adversity and pride in performance were instilled in me at an early age and helped me be successful,” said Coach Saban.

As Alabama eyes another National Championship, Coach Saban spoke with pride about his Crimson quarterbacks and the character they display both on and off the field. 
“I think Jalen has fabulous character and he is a great person. Tua is a great person too. It really is unprecedented in college football to go 26 and 2 as a starter and lose your job, not because of anything he did but because of the competition. I think it speaks volumes that he did not do what a lot of people do and cut and run when things didn’t go the way he wanted them too. Jalen focused on helping his team and improving himself so if he got the opportunity to play better he would, and he did. I think it’s interesting to me he received the most inspirational award voted on by his teammates based on what he did when he wasn’t playing. I think that sends a really strong message to a lot of young people because if you can’t overcome adversity when you get put into an adverse situation, then you are never going to be a great competitor or have a chance to be successful because things don’t always go your way,” said Saban.
Please visit our WRBL Sports page for a look at the local high school football players and coaches who took home top honors at the 11th Annual Sports Visions High School Award Luncheon.

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