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Can Nick Saban hold on to Golding and Gattis

Alabama football coach Nick Saban must recruit not just players but also assistant coaches, including those on the current Crimson Tide staff.

Alabama football coach, Nick Saban flipping Dax Hill and Jeffery Carter was big news. A bigger recruiting coup might have been persuading Pete Golding to not accept a big raise to become the Ole Miss defensive coordinator.

Nick Saban may have a harder task holding to Crimson Tide wide receivers coach, Josh Gattis. A few days ago, the assistant coach poaching battle was centered on Pete Golding and Josh Gattis. Ole Miss and Oklahoma were in hot pursuit of Golding.

Not even a gigantic raise was enough to lure Pete Golding to Ole Miss. The Rebels were forced to hire former Colorado head coach, Mike Macintyre instead. Based on reports from Oklahoma insiders, the Sooners remain very interested in Golding. Apparently, they are willing to wait until after the College Football Playoffs to throw $1.5 million or more Golding’s way.

No one can know how much money it takes to persuade Pete to attempt a defensive build (not rebuild) for the Sooners. The job should pay a premium in the conference that abhors defense. No one knows, except maybe Nick Saban, who values Golding highly. Nick will not have to ante up nearly as much as Lincoln Riley in order to keep Golding in Tuscaloosa.

Holding on to Josh Gattis may become more difficult. Gattis has reportedly already passed on the offensive coordinator position at Maryland. Now it appears Appalachian State is interested in Gattis for its vacant head coaching position.

Golding and Gattis are young men. Their opportunities for big money are reflective of their reputations as coaches. A large part of those reputations is tied to their recruiting expertise. Nick Saban wants to hold on to both of them for at least another couple of years. Keeping them in Tuscaloosa strengthens Alabama football staff continuity. They are also a big help with recruiting. Beyond that, Nick knows both Golding and Gattis have bright futures based on coaching abilities.

No doubt both aspire to become head coaches. What they must decide is the best avenue to accomplish that goal. Being part of the greatest dynasty in the history of college football is enhanced by more than a ‘cup of coffee’ stay in Tuscaloosa.

Not that Lane Kiffin had an option, but leaving Tuscaloosa for an inferior conference has not worked out great. The residual value from having coached for Nick Saban fades with failure elsewhere.

In the case of Gattis, jumping from a position coach to head coach – especially in the Sun Belt might not even offer a big raise. Scott Satterfield made a tad over $700K.

Golding and Gattis basically make that much money in Tuscaloosa. If they choose to return, both will be in line for big raises. Golding now makes $650K, Gattis makes $525K. The Alabama Crimson Tide can afford much more.

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What will happen? Perhaps Nick Saban does not know for sure, but Alabama football fans can feel secure knowing Nick always has a plan.

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