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Colin Cowherd says there are 2 potential No. 4 seeds that could be ‘disruptive’ for Alabama

The Alabama Crimson Tide are the No. 1 team in the College Football Playoff rankings and look unstoppable (as long as QB Tua Tagovailoa’s knee holds up).

Therefore, many are already projecting the Tide into the final four when it comes to the Playoff, so now the question is whether anyone can beat them when they get there.

On Tuesday, FOX Sports host Colin Cowherd named two teams — Georgia and Oklahoma — that he thinks could be “disruptive” to Alabama in the No. 4 spot:

“There’s a word in college sports I’m tired of hearing when it comes to tournaments, and that word is ‘deserving,’” he said. “Stick it. I’m tired of deserving. What I want is disruptive. … There are two teams in that No. 4 spot that could be disruptive to Alabama — one of them is Georgia. They recruit the same players, and they beat Alabama all the time on athletes. … Georgia is going to play Alabama in the SEC title game and get their crack at them, so erase them from the No. 4 spot. They’re not going to get two shots at Alabama. …

“The team that deserves to be disruptive — who is Nick Saban going to look at and go ‘uh oh’? — is Oklahoma. Oklahoma has all the ingredients that give Nick Saban a little worse night’s sleep. They’ve got a mobile quarterback. Nick Saban struggles with mobile quarterbacks. They have NFL backs, receivers and offensive linemen.”

Both of those teams have a lot of work to do to reach the Playoff, as Michigan is likely to be the No. 4 team in this week’s rankings. However, it’s safe to say Saban will be prepared for whoever the Tide face in the postseason.

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