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Could the Green Bay Packers lure Nick Saban away from Alabama?

What else is really left for Nick Saban to accomplish in college football?

He has six national championships — five at Alabama — and his team is the favorite to win again this season. Should the Crimson Tide take down Oklahoma in the College Football Playoff semifinal and then the winner of the Notre Dame-Clemson game, it would be Saban’s first back-to-back national championship since, oh, the 2011-12 and 2012-13 seasons.

There’s little doubt he’s the greatest college football coach of all time. So, maybe now is the perfect opportunity for another team, like the Green Bay Packers, to lure Saban back to the NFL. That’s the argument ESPN’s Ryan Clark made Tuesday on Get Up.

Speaking with Mike Greenberg about the Packers — who have been eliminated from playoff contention and fired coach Mike McCarthy this season — Clark said:

“If you’re Green Bay right now, you sell the [farm]. You sell the [farm]. You send everybody to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and you try to get Nick Saban to leave Alabama and become the coach. When you look at quarterback-coach relationships — Sean Payton and Drew Brees, Bill Belichick, Tom Brady — there is mutual respect and accountability there.

“There is no one who can hold Aaron Rodgers more accountable than Nick Saban. If he asks for $10 million, you give it to him. Nothing left to prove in Tuscaloosa. He’s the guy you need.”

As Greenberg pointed out, maybe Clark is able to shed light on Saban’s potential mindset since the former NFL safety and Super Bowl champion played for the 67-year-old coach back when they were both at LSU.

Knowing the best anyone can do here is speculate, is this even an offer Saban — who’s currently the highest-paid college coach and making $8.3 million a year, according to USA TODAY Sports — would consider?

Clark continued:

“I wouldn’t leave a school that put a statue of while I was alive either, but for Nick Saban, there’s nothing else to prove there. It’s time to take on another challenge, and this is a guy who loves challenges. (The Packers) have an all-time great quarterback — why not go get the all-time greatest coach in college football history?”

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