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Crimson Tide vs. Tennessee game predictions

Alabama football fans, check out the Bama Hammer staff game predictions for the Third Saturday in October against the Tennessee Vols.

There is no suspense, the Bama Hammer staff, along with the entire Crimson Nation predicts an Alabama football victory. Our predictions include more than just a score as we discuss how the Alabama Crimson Tide will beat the Vols for the twelfth straight time.

If you did not see yesterday’s post from a true, Tennessee Vols expert, don’t miss it. Caleb Calhoun writing for All for Tennessee.

Bama Hammer Staff Predictions

It seems like forever ago since Alabama lost Tennessee. Yet, much like a nice victory cigar, it never gets old.

Granted, Tennessee is running on a high it hasn’t seen in a while. Their first SEC win since 2016 came with a surprising win over Auburn. Whether Auburn sleepwalked through the game or not, the Vols did something they haven’t done in a long time.

That being said, I don’t expect Tennessee to break history again. At least, not the kind of history that gives Alabama its first loss from the Vols in 11 games. Alabama has tied the number of consecutive game streak for the series and is on track to potentially break that. However, coming off a slower-than-normal game in Missouri, there are concerns heading on the road against a team with momentum.

I don’t expect a loss. I do expect Tennessee to take some shots while Bama gets the 12th straight victory and the 12th straight cigar.

Bama Hammer, Contributor, Chris Dodson Prediction: Alabama 42 – Tennessee 14

Coach Nick Saban called the Arkansas game a trap game for Alabama. Although the Razorbacks scored more on Alabama than anyone else this season it wasn’t close overall. However, this weeks game vs the volunteers is a true trap game. There are rumors that Jalen may start with Tua needing rest. Most likely will be without DeVonta Smith. This whole week leading up to the game I do not believe anyone gives Tennessee a 1 percent chance of winning. Which can lead to a game becoming a trap game.

Alabama football has the talent that this game should be over in the first quarter. I believe this game gives Alabama one of two ways to head into the bye week against LSU: full steam ahead or readjusting. Over the 11-year streak, Alabama has been tested but has prevailed. Can Knoxville give Alabama a scare?

Bama Hammer, Contributor, Kevin Mudd Prediction: Alabama 58 – Tennessee 6

4,381 days and counting. Athletic Director Phil Fulmer and first-year Vols head coach Jeremy Pruitt have had this game circled on their calendar but will be sadly disappointed. Tennessee knocked off Auburn in Jordan Hare Stadium last Saturday. Even if Saban rests Tua on Saturday, Alabama will still win in a landslide. The Crimson Tide is not a dumpster fire like Auburn. Look for the offense to put up big numbers.

Bama Hammer Contributor, Ronald Moody Prediction: Alabama 52 – Tennessee 10

I love this format allowing us to be first and foremost fans with our predictions. Old fans like me remember when this game was the biggest one in the SEC. Talk about rivalries – I still have not recovered from Kenny Stabler throwing five interceptions in 1967, allowing the Vols to win 24-13. The 1970, 24-0 loss to the Vols was also burned into forever memory as a pair of Crimson Tide QBs threw eight interceptions. More than anything else, it was the 1970 game that drove Paul Bryant to transition Alabama football to the wishbone.

This year an improved Tennessee team will put up a fight. The talent and depth disparity will be too great in the end. I’m expecting very little Tua and a lot of Jalen and a somewhat tighter score as the result.

Bama Hammer. Lead Writer, Ronald Evans Prediction: Alabama 38 – Tennessee 17

The Alabama football defense came to the rescue last week, whenever some offensive setbacks took place. I believe, after a poor showing against Arkansas, the defense has finally found their spark. They will be ready to show off against their former DC, Jeremy Pruitt, and make their new DC, Tosh Lupoi, proud. Tua will be ready to play, but realistically, Hurts could start if needed.

Let’s remember, Tennessee only beat a very bad Auburn team. Nothing super impressive has occurred just yet. Tua will have a big day against the lack-lusting defense of the Vols. Bama’s defense is going to be responsible for a very bad day for Jarrett Guarantano.

Bama Hammer, Contributor, Bryant Barger Prediction: Alabama 48 – Tennessee 17

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Light’em up late Saturday afternoon if you’ve got ’em. Unlike Nick Saban, we have no restrictions from talking about a traditional Vols victory cigar.

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