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ESPN expert explains why Alabama could make playoff with loss

A loss to the Georgia Bulldogs in the SEC Championship Game would be tough to swallow for Alabama Crimson Tide fans, but that result may even tougher to digest for supporters of the Ohio State Buckeyes and Oklahoma Sooners.

Oklahoma and Ohio State, which are both playing in their conference’s respective title games on Saturday, hope to bolster their playoff resumes with victories. However, those wins could be all for naught if Georgia is able to upset Alabama in the SEC Championship Game.

ESPN college football analyst Heather Dinich explained why the playoff committee could opt to keep the Crimson Tide in the top four even after a potential loss to the Bulldogs.

“I would probably predict (Alabama) to be in if they lose a close game,” Dinich said. “And I say that because of selection committee chair Rob Mullens saying, last week, that Alabama and (No. 2) Clemson have separated themselves from the rest of the pack at this point. And nothing that happened this past weekend should change that perception of Alabama.

“So to me they already think Alabama is better, not just than Ohio State and Oklahoma, but Notre Dame as well. Because the question that prompted that answer was, ‘Have you thought about moving Notre Dame up?’ And that was the response. No, because Alabama and Clemson are better. They’ve separated themselves.”

The ESPN Playoff Predictor currently gives Notre Dame (99 percent), Clemson (96), Alabama (82), Ohio State (49), Georgia (42) and Oklahoma (33) the best chances to make the final top four.

The new College Football Playoff top 25 will be revealed on Tuesday night, and our 247Sports playoff rankings projection can be seen by clicking here.

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