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How the Crimson Tide wins National Championship

In Part IV of the Alabama Football matchup with Clemson. The Crimson Tide can leave Levi Stadium victorious if it follows this game plan.

Last year it was about getting revenge for the 2016 National Championship loss. This year, it is about not letting 2016 repeat. In Part IV of the Alabama Football matchup with Clemson. The Crimson Tide can leave Levi Stadium victorious if it follows this game plan.

Alabama goes into this year’s National Championship facing a familiar opponent in the Clemson Tigers. Unlike year’s past, this year’s Alabama football team brings an extremely potent offense to the fight.

However, the Crimson Tide does not possess the same level of defense that they had in the year’s past. Not that this defense is bad. It just isn’t to the level of any of the previous years.

So how does Alabama execute against Clemson? Much like it did against Oklahoma.

Alabama Football Offensive Game Plan

The Tide’s offensive game plan comes down to two keys. First, giving Tua Tagovailoa time to throw the football. Second, it is determining the tempo need off of what Clemson accomplishes offensively.

Pass protection is the game for Alabama Football. Last year the Tide gave Jalen Hurts the time he needed to put the Tide ahead in the game and allow the defense to control the rest.

This season, giving Tua Tagovailoa the time to work is two-fold. First, it allows Alabama to accomplish its most important goal which is points on the scoreboard. Tua Tagovailoa showed on Saturday, given time this offense is unstoppable.

Clemson’s defense gave up over 500 yards and five touchdowns to South Carolina through the air. The secondary for Clemson is its weakest link. If Alabama is able to hold off the stout defensive line of Clemson it will allow Tua Tagovailoa and company to shine.

The amount of shine is the next goal of Alabama. I believe Alabama comes out as it did versus Oklahoma and tries to put up points as quickly as possible. However, the offense from Clemson will dictate how much to mix scoring points with controlling the clock.

If the Alabama football defense is able to put on the same dominating performance from last year, then I expect the offense to try for 40 points in the first half as quickly as possible. This will be in order to build an insurmountable lead.

However, if Clemson’s offense is finding success against our defense I expect Alabama to change its tactics and run to victory. Giving the defense time to rest and keeping Trevor Lawrence off the field.

Tempo and pass protection are the biggest keys to the Alabama football offense.

Alabama Football Defensive Game Plan 

I believe Alabama’s defensive game plan revolves around one key. Stop the Run.

When you look in depth at Clemson’s season, the times where the game was close and where Trevor Lawrence struggled is when Clemson was not effective running.

Look at the Boston College game. In the first half, Clemson could not run the football. Even without Boston College starting Quarterback Anthony Brown for most of the first half, Boston College only trailed 13-7 at halftime. In the second half of the game, Clemson’s rushing attack opened up and secured a victory.

Clemson’s Travis Etienne is a game changer due to his speed. If he gets into the open field he is gone. Where Etienne’s weakness lies is in his pass protection, which also showed up during last season’s playoff game.

If Alabama is able to control Etienne and Clemson’s rushing attack it will win the game from its defensive effort alone. However, if Clemson finds continual success rushing, the Tide must hope its offense is able to counter each and every time.


The line of scrimmage on both sides of the football will determine the outcome of the National Championship.

The big guys rarely get love. In fact, most of the time, you only know who they are when they are the ones responsible for losing the game.

I see the Alabama Crimson Tide doing everything in its power to stop Clemson’s defensive line from getting to Tua Tagovailoa. The Tide defensive line will do everything in its power to keep Clemson’s rushing attack contained.

If Alabama is able to accomplish these goals it will capture an18th National Championship. If not, the Crimson Tide will suffer another loss to the hands of Clemson on the biggest stage.

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Comment below on your prediction for the game. Also, comment on how you believe Alabama must execute in order to win.

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