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Joey Chestnut vs. ESPN’s Alabama football fan

They say the Alabama Crimson Tide is unstoppable this year.

But what about the Bama fans?

On Wednesday, the world’s top competitive eater, Joey Chestnut of San Jose, stopped by the ESPN billboard in downtown San Jose where two rabid fans — one representing Alabama, one Clemson —  are living and sleeping 45 feet above the ground to show their devotion to their teams before the College Football Playoff title game Jan. 7 at Levi’s Stadium.

He brought chicken wings.

Thoughtful, right? Oh, but he and ESPN had something other than a casual lunch in mind.

Chestnut challenged Alabama’s Llyas Ross Sr. to an eat-off, and spotted him two minutes. Clemson fan Nancy Volland provided color commentary.

Alas, two minutes wasn’t enough of a head start to overcome the man called “Jaws.”

Ross, an Army veteran from Tuscaloosa, powered through 13 lemon-pepper wings (his favorite flavor). But Chestnut downed 18 — in just one minute.

And that’s nothing for Chestnut. In 2012, he took a world record by eating 7.61 pounds of spicy Buffalo chicken wings in 12 minutes.

Want to show your support for the fans on the billboard?

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