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Keaton Anderson gives hilarious response to Nick Saban’s lashing

On rare occasions, Alabama plays undisciplined football.

And nothing makes Nick Saban more ticked off than a late-hit leading to free yardage.

Saban went nuclear several times for various reasons during Saturday’s win over Oklahoma in the College Football Playoff, directing his anger once at Keaton Anderson after an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in a kickoff coverage situation.

Anderson’s late-hit led to Saban breaking his headset during a sideline tirade that quickly went viral. Anderson had fun with the footage after the game, tweeting: “No, y’all misunderstood. He was saying, ‘I’m so freaking happy keaton, I’m so happy.”

The flag was the Crimson Tide’s third penalty in a four-play sequence, so ESPN’s cameramen veered in Saban’s direction knowing it was about to go down.

Anderson recovered an onside kick later in the game, a pivotal moment after Oklahoma had trimmed what was once a 28-point deficit to 11. Anderson knew the Sooners might try a surprise onside kick after picking up on that unit’s tendencies on film.

“Just wanted to make up for it and make a big play for the team,” Anderson said, via “Luckily, I was in a situation to be able to make up for it. Luckily, the offense also backed up on that drive and when down and scored and took the air out of it so that was big time. Shout out to those guys for having my back.”

Looking back on his actions during the post-game press conference, Saban told a story centered around his temper.

“My son was young and playing like junior high basketball,” Saban recalled. “He got mad in a game, and I gave him a lecture, he and Kristen both, about not showing their emotions, keeping their cool, and their response to me was, ‘And how many headsets have you broken?’”

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