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Last National Championship Game Prediction

Alabama Crimson Tide fans check out all seven of our ‘Bama Hammer’ Game Predictions for Monday’s National Championship game.

The Alabama Crimson Tide is playing for another National Championship. In college football, it does not get any better than this.

The Bama Hammer staff has been providing detailed game predictions for a couple of days. No surprise, all those picks favor the Alabama Crimson Tide. Our range of points for the Crimson Tide runs from 27 points to 52. The range for Clemson is 17 points to 31. Four of the seven predictions have the Tide winning by seven points or less. Three picks have the Tide winning by two touchdowns or more.

Average out the seven predictions and the game score would be Alabama 35 – Clemson 23.5. Don’t let that wide average margin confuse you. Two of the predictions have the Tide winning by only three points and one prediction has the Tide margin by four points.

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Our Last Bama Hammer National Championship Prediction

I have gone back and forth trying to figure out what to expect in the National Championship game. Putting aside Clemson’s weaker schedule, Dabo’s team clearly appears to be the No. 2 team in college football.

It is not the same team the Alabama Crimson Tide handled in last season’s Sugar Bowl semi-final. It is not the same team who struggled with TAMU and Syracuse. Maybe the Tigers have not been much tested but they have been built for the biggest challenge. Look no further than Dabo’s defensive line to see how he’s molded his team after those of Nick Saban.

Due to the suspension of Dexter Lawrence, that defensive line is not as salty as normal. They are still plenty tough enough. What causes Clemson to absorb the loss of Lawrence and be a better team now than earlier in the season is Trevor Lawrence. Lawrence has more than lived up to his much-hyped billing.

Lawrence, allowed to work without duress, can carve up a defense – even an Alabama Crimson Tide defense. I expect the Alabama football defense to make Monday night the toughest challenge young Mr. Lawrence has ever faced. He will win some battles, but he won’t win enough to outscore the Crimson Tide.

Lawrence and the Clemson defense share a common problem. Whatever the player or the unit does, Tua Tagovailoa will do more. Probably a lot more.

Does this mean I have no concerns about the game? No, I can see scenarios where the game is tight because Clemson wins more of the trench battles than the Tide. I think both D-lines are better than the O-lines, but with a greater disparity favoring the Tide. It is even possible, Clemson with its established coaching continuity calls a better a game than the Tide staff. There is always the risk of injuries to key players and freak turnovers causing an unpredictable outcome.

But I think the Tide just has too much mojo. Too much Tua, too much Josh Jacobs, too much Quinnen Williams.

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I hate to agree with an Aubie, even a very astute one, but I must concur with Cole Cubelic.

Final National Championship Game Prediction: Alabama 42 – Clemson 28


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