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Mack Wilson had something to say about Oklahoma blindside block

Mack Wilson made a name for himself making the big hit. On Saturday, the Alabama linebacker went viral for taking one.

Before the Crimson Tide wrapped up the 45-32 Orange Bowl win over Oklahoma, Wilson had an unfortunate encounter with CeeDee Lamb. The receiver caught him with a perfect (and legal) block while chasing quarterback Kyler Murray.

ESPN’s 3-second video of the hit has been viewed more than 2.89 million times since and Wilson’s had time to respond.

His thoughts three days later?

“I feel like it was a good block,” he said Tuesday. “I’d do the same thing.”

But … there’s a but.

“But one thing I can say is if that was me doing the blocking, that person wouldn’t have got up,” Wilson said. “I feel like I bounced right back up. It didn’t hurt as much. I feel like he made a great play and that gave them great momentum to go down and score on that drive.”

Wilson scoffed at a question asking if he stayed in the game after the hit.

“Of course,” he said.

Wilson had plenty to say online after the hit went so viral.

“Good hit boy,” Wilson posted on Twitter after the game. “you got me! But we got the Dub. So i ain’t tripping!”

He also went back to his freshman season to reference a hit he made on Texas A&M receiver Speedy Noil on a kickoff return.

Wilson is well known for his active social media presence. His Twitter account has north of 53,000 followers and he’s not afraid to answer any criticism.

He explained his thoughts on certain interactions he has on the social media site saying he doesn’t get frustrated.

“I really don’t pay attention to it,” he said. “Sometimes I might run across it. I may talk to myself, but I don’t go back and forth with nobody on social media because I know God put me in this position to be where I’m at for a reason. I thank him every day for it. So, there’s no way that a person who doesn’t know anything about football can tell me nothin’, so I just look [past] it.”

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