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Nick Saban defends Alabama’s defensive performance against Arkansas

The Alabama Crimson Tide are 6-0, but after allowing 31 points to Arkansas in a 65-31 rout of the Razorbacks, some are wondering if something’s wrong with the defense.

Paul Finebaum isn’t worried, but coach Nick Saban took time out of his Monday press conference to explain why the struggles on Saturday were no big deal.

As you can see around the 10:30 mark in the video below, shared by on YouTube, Saban discusses time of possession for the offense, saying he doesn’t want to give up explosive plays simply because the Tide are so far ahead on the scoreboard. He then comes to the defense of the Tide’s defensive players, saying they’re playing in situations they haven’t practiced from time to time:

“I will say this in defensive of the defensive players — we do get a lot of multiples in games sometimes that we don’t practice,” he said. “When you have an experienced team, they can make those adjustments much more easily in a game. When you have inexperienced players, it takes a little while.”

The Tide face a Missouri offense this weekend that is elite when firing on all cylinders. However, the Tigers have been struggling the past two games. We’ll see how the young Tide defense fares on Saturday night in Tuscaloosa.

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