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Paul Finebaum trolls caller who accuses him of Alabama bias

Clint from Winston-Salem, N.C. wants everyone to know Paul Finebaum is an Alabama homer and he’s tired of it this season.

Clint phoned into Monday’s Paul Finebaum Show and gave the mouth of the South a piece of his mind, poking holes in the ESPN analyst’s assessment of the Crimson Tide’s beatdown of LSU.

The hilarious call begins at the 34-minute mark in Hour 1 of Monday’s show. Presented without much additional commentary, the back and forth between Clint and Finebaum made for an instant classic:

“Paul, lately, you’re increasingly becoming more of a Bama fan,” Clint said. “Aren’t you supposed to an unbiased sports announcer?”

“I’m not really sure there’s a rule of what I’m supposed to be,” Finebaum said. “I try to be myself. Where are you seeing bias for Alabama?”

“Oh my goodness … if you just go back and listen to your recordings,” Clint responded. “Everything you say regarding Alabama you lean … are you on (Nick) Saban’s payroll? Case and point, the last caller. You were talking about the game between Alabama and LSU and the blue-chip recruits at that game. With your statements, you’re leaning much forward Alabama.”

Finebaum’s rebuttal was quick and concise.

“I think it was a fair question,” Finebaum said. “If you’re being recruited by LSU and you’re at that game, will that affect your outcome (decision) when you watch those two teams play? I don’t think there was any bias at all.”

Clint wasn’t finished.

“I’ve been listening to sports for many years and I played college football myself and I’m just telling you, I don’t need to make specific comments,” Clint said. “I can listen to you for weeks and it’s  no secret. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Being a Tennessee grad, I find it hard to believe that you sound like an Alabama homer.

“Every time you talk about Alabama it sounds like you’re next-door neighbors to Nick Saban.”

Finebaum jokingly told Clint he recently bought a lot beside Saban’s home in Tuscaloosa. Clint took the bait and didn’t sense Finebaum’s tongue-in-cheek remark.

“Well thank you for the call and Roll Tide,” Finebaum chuckled, ending the conversation.

This was almost as good as the caller who publicly recommended LSU going for Tua Tagovailoa’s knee last month, saying that was the only way to beat Alabama. Knee brace and all, Tagovailoa accounted for three total touchdowns during Saturday’s win including a 44-yard scoring run midway through the third quarter — an exclamation point on another impressive performance.

Darriel from Columbus, the infamous Georgia fan who made the outlandish suggestion, will get to see Tagovailoa and Alabama up close and personal next month when the Bulldogs and Crimson Tide meet in Atlanta for the SEC Championship.

Wonder if Finebaum brings up that call during the week of the game?

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