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SEC troll disrespects 2013 Noles with comparisons

The most recent FSU football champs are considered by many to be among the best teams ever, but one SEC homer didn’t even give them the proper respect.

When the final seconds ticked away inside the Rose Bowl stadium on January 6th of 2014, the FSU football team did not just win the third national title in the program’s history – but they also put their seat at the table for the conversation about the best college football team in the history of the sport.

Sure, there are teams like the 2001 Miami Hurricanes, various Nebraska Cornhuskers teams from the 1990s, USC teams from the 2000s and even some old school teams like Alabama and those same Trojans from the 1970s – but the stats are in the favor of the Seminoles in many of those cases.

So, it was funny when earlier this week a comparison was made on the SEC Network by the head troll for the conference…everyone’s favorite bald bombshell, Paul Finebaum. Yes, I have written in the past to not feed this troll and ignore him since he works for that network – but this one was even too much for me.

You see, in Finebaum’s constant grandstanding for why the 2018 Alabama Crimson Tide are the best thing since sliced bread, indoor plumbing or something else, he compared the men in crimson to three of those teams considered among the best ever.

Hmmm…that’s pretty interesting. I don’t see the FSU football team mentioned on that list of teams he compared a Crimson Tide team who hasn’t won a national title yet to. I wonder why that could be?

Oh, I got it now! He only compared teams that Alabama is better than in at least one of the four categories mentioned – because, you see what had happened was, when you put the Tide against that FSU football team, it’s not even a question.

The Seminoles that season went 14-0 while scoring 51.6 points per game and giving up an average of just 12.1 points per game all against five teams who were ranked in the AP Top 25 when they played – all numbers that were better in each and every category than this Alabama team.

Another stat that Finebaum isn’t mentioning is how the FSU football team from 2013 is one of just four teams – with that 1995 Nebraska team being one of the others – that finished ranked in the top seven both in total offense and total defense, something this Alabama team currently isn’t doing (5th in offense, 12th in defense).

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It’s cool, though. We know that Finebaum has had a problem with the Seminoles ever since they knocked off the SEC’s champion that season in the final BCS title game – so whatever he needs to do to sleep at night and promote a false argument, go right ahead Paul.

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