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The top eight CFB teams after week seven

The first CFB Selection Committee rankings come out Oct. 30. The Bama Hammer staff publishes an internal ranking of the top eight teams every week, as Alabama football matches toward a fifth Playoff appearance.

Bama Hammer has another way for Alabama football fans to track the progress of the Crimson Tide to the CFB Playoff final four.

Our purpose is to follow the guidelines of the CFB Selection Committee and select the best teams. Each weekly Bama Hammer ranking is based on season-to-date performance. Our rankings are not predictive of how teams will finish the season. The rankings will adjust each week to incorporate the most recent game results.

Our process is simple. Our staff of five individually ranks the teams from No. 1 to No. 8. The individual selections are tabulated for a group total by giving each No. 1 ranking eight points and working down to the No. 8 team receiving one point. Therefore, the maximum points any team can receive is 40.

As Alabama football fans, we admit our rankings are subjective, just as are the AP, Coaches and Playoff Committee rankings. That does not deter us from attempting to identify the top eight teams.

Bama Hammer Top Eight – Week No. 7 (Oct. 14)

  1. Alabama – 40 points
  2. Ohio State – 35 points
  3. Clemson – 29 points
  4. Notre Dame – 25 points
  5. LSU – 20 points
  6. Michigan – 13 points
  7. Georgia – 8 points
  8. Texas – 7 points

Also receiving votes were UCF and Florida.

Bama Hammer Contributor: Ronald Moody

Alabama is the overall best team in the best conference. Ohio State and Clemson are the biggest threats to Alabama. Notre Dame can go undefeated with their remaining schedule. LSU and Michigan are two teams that are playing well.

Bama Hammer Contributor: Jonathan Waldrop

On Saturday, LSU had what we in the biz like to call a “statement game.” 36-16 over then-No. 2 Georgia is a major win and they did it emphatically. The Tigers forced four turnovers and held the Dawgs ground game in check. For all those reasons and more, they not only found their way back into my top five but usurped undefeated Notre Dame who had a tricky win against Pitt. LSU also has the added benefit of playing their next two games against State and Bama at home. May we at Bama Hammer all stay vigilant.

Bama Hammer Contributor: Bryant Barger

Alabama’s defense came to the rescue whenever their offense had some major setbacks. Once again proving why they are the number one team in the nation. Upsets were handed out left and right. Major teams like Georgia, West Virginia, Washington, and Penn State were all delivered huge losses. Maybe people will believe me now when I say Washington and Penn State are extremely overrated. LSU takes over as the second major SEC team, Texas is still on the rise, and Florida has their eyes set on the SEC Championship game.

Bama Hammer Contributor: Kevin Mudd

Alabama remains on top but shows weaknesses in their armor with the injury bug. Tua’s health is paramount to their chances. LSU’s statement win will set the showdown for SEC West on November 3.

Bama Hammer Lead Writer: Ronald Evans

Alabama football is the class of CFB. In my opinion, no other team comes close because the Crimson Tide has basically played seven scrimmages in its seven games. The competition will be tougher starting with LSU. The Tide could face four stout opponents in a championship run. But beginning with LSU (barring no more serious injuries) the Crimson Tide will play at a higher level. Meaning those four stouter opponents will still not be equal to the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Next: Three Main Concerns for the Tide

For those of you too young to fully embrace hating Tennessee this week, stay connected with us. We will be talking about the Tide’s other main rival all week.



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