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Alabama Crimson Tide

Tim Brando names the only two teams with a chance to beat Alabama

No. 1 Alabama went into Baton Rouge on Saturday night and emerged with a lopsided 29-0 victory over No. 3 LSU.

That means the Crimson Tide have cemented their spot as the No. 1 team in the country, and it doesn’t look like there are many teams out there that can beat them.

On Sunday, FOX analyst Tim Brando said there aren’t many teams that can challenge the Tide, but said Clemson and maybe Oklahoma have the best chances:

“Oklahoma is that team, but can they make it there?” he asks. “It’s pretty obvious in the Big 12 that there are a lot of hills to climb. … But this is Alabama’s time. If anyone’s going to beat them, Clemson’s your best option and Oklahoma if they can survive the Big 12.”

The final three weeks of the regular season should be intense, and then each team needs to survive conference championship games to reach the College Football Playoff. We’ll see what happens, but it appears it will take a monumental effort to upset the Tide.

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