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Update On Appeal Timeline Ahead Of Clemson vs. Alabama

Clemson didn’t need Dexter Lawrence to dispatch of Notre Dame at the Cotton Bowl on Saturday.

The Tigers rolled to a dominant 30-3 win in the College Football Playoff semifinal, and is heading to yet another national championship appearance.

Unfortunately, the opponent they will face is also familiar. Clemson would obviously prefer to have Lawrence with the Alabama Crimson Tide lining up across the field.

After the initial announcement that Lawrence and two of his teammates—offensive lineman Zach Giella and tight end Braden Galloway—the school said it would appeal the decision.

It is unclear when the appeal process is set to get underway, but the stakes are extremely high.

If he wins his appeal, Dexter Lawrence could play in the National Championship Game against Alabama.

If he loses, his Clemson career is almost definitely over, though that may have been the case either way, with the NFL calling.

From the Greenville News:

The appeal process will decide more than this championship game. According to NCAA Division I bylaws, an athlete who tests positive for “use of a substance in a banned drug class other than illicit drugs” must forfeit an entire season of eligibility.

Lawrence and Giella are both juniors. If their appeal is denied, their collegiate careers would be finished. Galloway, a freshman, would lose a year of eligibility but could return to competition in 2020.

The CSMAS conducts appeal hearings via teleconference. Radakovich and the suspended players must plead their case to at least three of the 22 CSMAS members. The CSMAS roster includes team physicians, nutrition directors, athletic directors, professors, a sports psychologist, a football coach and three student representatives.

We should find out more in the next few days, depending on when the appeal actually takes place. The National Championship Game will be played in Santa Clara on Monday, January 7.

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