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Alabama Crimson Tide

Who can beat Alabama Crimson Tide

This season has been so dominant for Alabama, Tide fans were heard chanting “We want Bama” in the game against LSU. No one really wants Bama right now.

Someone has to play them, though, and it seems almost inevitable that the Crimson Tide will make it into the College Football Playoff. Who really has the best shot at beating them? Can anyone take this team down?

Clemson sits No. 2 in the playoff rankings, and if the playoff started today, the Tigers wouldn’t have to face Alabama in the first round. FPI suggests the Tigers have the best shot at making the playoff with a 92.1 percent chance.

Clemson also has the best shot, outside of Alabama, at winning the title with a 34.2 percent chance. Alabama is slightly ahead at 36.4 percent.

Georgia is next in line with a 41 percent chance to make the playoffs, a 19.6 percent chance to make the title game and a 9 percent chance at winning the title. The Dawgs will have to get through Alabama in the SEC championship, though, so these numbers could change.

Michigan and Notre Dame are also in the conversation despite the fact that these two have already played each other in the first game of the season. Both are on track to make it into the playoff, though, with Michigan having a 49.9 percent chance and Notre Dame a 72.5 percent chance to make it in the final four.

Even though Notre Dame beat Michigan earlier this season, the Wolverines actually have a higher percentage to win the title than the Irish at 8.3 percent and 4.7 percent respectively.

The games still have to be played, but these stats show just how difficult it will be to take down Alabama this season. Everyone is coming after Bama, so who do you think has the best shot to knock down the No. 1 team?

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