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Why the Redskins should draft more Alabama players

Fans could soon get an inside look into the Washington Redskins franchise.

The Redskins are on the shortlist to be featured on HBO’s hit show, “Hard Knocks,” According to the Washington Times.

The Oakland Raiders, New York Giants, Detroit Lions and San Francisco 49ers are also on the shortlist.

The five-part series features an inside look at the preparation and offseason training of a specific NFL team each season.

Being the next “Hard Knocks” team isn’t exactly the best press a team can receive, as featured teams are typically far from playoff contention.

But, the Cleveland Browns, the focus of the 2018 season, posted their best record in 11 years.

The Redskins fit all of the necessary criteria to be featured on “Hard Knocks,” including a head coach who has been with the team longer than one year, the team has not made the playoffs in the past two years, and/or the team has not been the focus of the series during the last 10 years.

The Redskins have never been featured on “Hard Knocks,” while the Dallas Cowboys and Cincinnati Bengals have each been featured twice.

The NFL can mandate that a team participate in the docuseries, however, the Redskins reportedly declined to be featured on “Hard Knocks” in 2013, as did the Falcons, Seahawks, 49ers and Texans.

With all of the negative press surrounding the Redskins in recent years, an intimate look inside the team’s front office could very well bring fans back into supporting the team.

HBO’s “Hard Knocks” teams, by year:

2001: Baltimore Ravens
2002: Dallas Cowboys
2007: Kansas City Chiefs
2008: Dallas Cowboys
2009: Cincinnati Bengals
2010: New York Jets
2012: Miami Dolphins
2013: Cincinnati Bengals
2014: Atlanta Falcons
2015: Houston Texans
2016: Los Angeles Rams
2017: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2018: Cleveland Browns


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